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If you love a trip to the movies and are lacking a little in inspiration for running then I seriously recommend Run, Fat Boy, Run.

Directed by none other than David Schwimmer and starring Simon Pegg and even David Walliams, this is a gritty rom com about a guy who hasn't got a lot going for him until his ex's new fella challenges him to a marathon. With the help of his charismatic landlord, gambling friend and hobbit-wannabe son he manages to get into shape and as a result (in true rom com style) his whole life turns around.

It's a little cheesier than we're used to seeing Pegg but it's impressively non-American even down to the cameos of Walliams and Noel Fielding.The best thing about it is that it reminds you how much of an achievement it is to cross the finish line of a race, no matter what your time is.

The day after I saw this film I couldn't wait to go running, having had a slight period of running boredom lately. That, combined with my Nike Plus means that I'm now happily zooming around the streets of Bath so I totally recommend you check this film out sometime soon.

Image by Ric e Ette

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