Anyone for a marathon?

Anyone for a marathon? No? Perhaps you would just be so kind as to sponsor me then. I will be joining the other mad 33,000 people running the Flora London Marathon on 13th April of this year. It is my first marathon and I'm running for Association for International Cancer Research.

Why? One in three people get cancer. Isn't that reason enough? Think of all the people you know. A third of them will contract the disease. I run so that all the people I care about have the medication and care they need should they ever get ill.

Animals get cancer too though. About this time last year my dog was diagnosed with cancer. Had this happened a few years ago we would have lost her pretty much instantly. Thanks to recent improvements in medication we had a few extra months with her, and they were precious as she was able to come and stay with me for the last few weeks of her life, time I'm so grateful for.

I like to think that some of the money I've raised in the past helped her to live comfortably for a little longer. That's what keeps me running. I would run forever if it meant saving her and others like her. 26 miles? That's nothing.

Please give generously.

Image by Paco CT

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