Bringing out the big guns

Although I run all the time my proper marathon training schedule kicks in tomorrow. I may regret saying this but it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Obviously there are some long runs on it but it seems to be more about running more often than about running that much further than I would normally. That works for me as time is very precious. As part of my preparation I am running a 10k race at Longleat early February and of course in March I shall be running the Bath Half Marathon. I'm really hoping that will feel dead easy by then.

At the moment myself and my campaign manager (The Boy) are busy working on getting my sponsorship. We've had quite a big push on it this week and as a result we are now up to £130, which is just under a tenth of the way. I feel like that's quite a good start.

Over the coming weeks we're going to start pulling out the big guns so watch this space.

If anyone knows of any businesses that might be interested in sponsoring me could you please let me know? I've been sending out letters to a few but as yet nothing has come of it.

Image by Rico Moran

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