Forget running, get walking

There are just ten weeks to go until the marathon and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't starting to take over my life. Running is pretty much my world at the moment and I'm very worried about the race, although I'm looking forward to it too.

Despite all the running going on, I've found time to take up one more new hobby: dog walking. Our local RSPCA centre allows you to walk dogs for them and so I've been going up there every weekend and walking the poor pouches that have found themselves there.

I was largely prompted to do this after my family got Jack, our new dog (pictured here with me), from a rescue centre. He is the most beautiful dog in the world and I'm so glad we were able to rescue him. I live in rental accommodation so am unable to have my own dog at home; if I could I'd rescue all of the dogs up at the RSPCA centre.

Anyway I just wanted to encourage everyone out there to contact your local RSPCA centre in order to find out if they allow you to do this. It's free, the dogs love it and if you're like me and can't have a dog of your own to care for all the time, it's great to be able to give lots of dogs a little bit of affection every now and again. Check it out.

Please sponsor me for the London Marathon at www.justgiving.com/bonniebarnhouse

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