Stretch it out

I went to a London marathon training seminar in London last week and it was really good. I just wanted to reiterate a few really great tips that I picked up there. I've been using them all since and have really noticed the difference.
  1. Don't stretch a cold muscle – warm up for at least five minutes before you stretch, if indeed you choose to stretch at all.
  2. After you run keep moving for at least 10 or 15 minutes, it will stop your muscles seizing up.
  3. When you come back eat a snack that features both carbohydrate and protein, such as a bagel with low fat cheese or a bowl of cereal. They help your muscles repair so you're ready to run again soon.
  4. Eat a diet that contains all kinds of carbs, they are crucial to your running and recovery.
Well I've got a 10k at Longleat on Sunday and I'm really hoping to beat my PB, but I haven't really been focusing on my 10k pace much in my marathon training, so I'll have to see how it goes. My parents are running too so it should be quite fun. I hope you other marathon runners out there are getting on well, keep up the good work.

Image by Bob.Fornal

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