Quorn is mince for the health-conscious

A couple of months ago I went veggie for the third time after being subjected to the film Fast Food Nation.

When I've been a vegetarian in the past I have struggled to eat healthily, finding that most vegetarian options were heavy on the cheese or fat. This time around I have been finding it much easier, as the number of healthy vegetarian options as definitely increased.

The other night though my lovely Mummy (who we're living with post travelling) cooked us shepherd's pie with low fat Quorn mince and we were all really impressed, even the non-veggies at the table! It's much better and more realistic than it used to be.

The cold weather lends itself to mince-based dishes such as chilli, spaghetti bolognaise and shepherd's pie, but if you're concerned about the fat content of real mince then why not pick up a packet of Quorn instead? It has far less fat and is uncannily close to the real deal.

Image by arimoore

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Anonymous Helen said...

I love Quorn - I use the mince for spag bol and it keeps us going for 2 days. Though still the real deal tastes better. But it's good if you want to cut down or go completely veggy.
Love the photo. Is that your cat?

5:18 pm  
Blogger Laura said...

No it's not, it's just an image from Flickr. I used it because of the "vegetarian" box though. Thanks for your comment.

10:18 am  

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