Running away with myself

My family sniggered when I told them that I was going to learn to run. I have always hated running outside yet been fine on a treadmill. That was until I bought Zest magazine's Running Made Easy book. Since then I have signed up for Race for Life and am really enjoying my training, which is really basic to begin with and so perfect for me. I am enjoying exercising outside, as I am so used to spending ages in a stuffy gym, and at least this way I get a tan at the same time.

I never thought that I would be able to run outside but am actually really enjoying it, so much so that I am setting my sights on the London marathon next April. I am writing this into my blog so that it is mentally harder for me to get out of!

Incidentally Zest magazine, the people behind this book, is really worth picking up if you have never read it before. Since I first bought it six months ago I have been completely addicted and I am now subscribed to it. It is all about being confident with who you are, and how to be healthy. It is not contradictory or condescending at all, but it really does make you feel full of energy just by reading it. It is far better for you than the Cosmopolitan's of the world.

Also the design is really refreshing. Lots of white and soft colours and fonts, but also some really lively and well put together pages. It doesn't tell you that you must by certain things, everything it suggests you find is already within your mind somewhere, Zest just helps you dig it out.

Running Made Easy works on a similar level. It does not tell you to set ridiculous targets, it tells you that any running you do is progress. It also has useful charts to help you track your improvement. As summer finally draws nearer it is well worth picking this book up now. And if you are in Street on 23rd please come along and cheer Mum and I in the Race for Life.

Image by George Goodman


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