Lauz's weekly entertainment round-up

Well this week I have been mostly...ill. Got a weird bug type thing that stated its nasty attack on Sunday evening. From then on I was feeling extremly tired. Not wanting to let owkr down so early in the day I keep on going until Thursday when I could take it no longer. I had a day in bed. I'm now feeling a bit better in time for Dan's birthday, yay.

Anyway, that's more than enough about me, to work. I can finally talk about what we have all been calling Project Voldemort/Hush. It was so secret that not even other Future employees were allowed to know about it. But now it has been pubically announced so I can tell you that I'm working on a project called BT Vision. It is basically BT taking a run and a jump into the future. Have a look at the link to find out more.

BT Vision

Last week I made a little wish list of music. Thankfully over the past week I have managed to obtain most of this music, so here are my thoughts on it so far.

Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
Never thought I'd get into Muse but I really like this album. The melodies are great, their is minimal wailing (I've never liked wailing in any music), there is emotion there and the production is not only really good, but it's really clever too. My favourites so far are the singles and Invincible. ****

Fergie - Dutchess
Not sure she'll cut it as a solo artist. She has a great voice on the Black Eyed Peas stuff, because all she's required to do is a few "Oh no"s here and there. (Well ok, she does more than that, but she doesn't carry the whole song, that's what I mean). In her album she does have to do that, and somehow in doing so manages to sound less like the sassy maiden she does on BEP's stuff, and more like Jessica Simpson. Never, ever good. However, London Bridge is a cool song and it may well be that in a few more listens I'll love it. **

I didn't really think much of her last album, in fact I thought it sucked. But this one is [pretty good. There's a great variation of sounds, she is sassy and her voice works well on every track. If you're into a more poppy strand of R&B you should check it out. ****

Justin - Future Sex/Love Sounds
Not sure about this one yet. I think Justin has to really work hard to impress me musically because I think he's really arrogant and hate that. If I'm going to get over how arrogant he is, his music has to be fantastic. There are a couple of good tracks on the album but so far that seems to be all. I'll keep you posted. **

Scissor Sisters - Ta Dah
Unfortunately the album doesn't really live up to what was promised in its first single I Don't Feel Like Dancing. Jake Shear's voice is the kind that you can only really cope with when the song's great. When it's not his voice just tends to irritate you loads. So far this album seems to be just irritating (apart from the single), I'll give it a few more listens though and see what I think then. ***

Beyonce - B Day
I love Beyonce. Her voice is gorgeous, she's beautiful and she always puts really creative albums together. I need to give this a few more listens before I can name particular highlights, but the production alone seems to be highlight enough so far. She is a truly classy performer who thankfully takes the industry seriously enough to put together really great albums, not just mediocre ones. She's one of those artists who's albums will still be selling well in years to come. ****

Pink - I'm Not Dead
Going to listen to this a bit more before I say too much, but I think it's going to be a big thumbs up.

Films wise this week, I've watched City of God and School Ties.

As I began to understand what City of God was about (basically a fight for survival in a world of guns and drugs), I didn't think I would like it, as I normally can't watch violent films. However the characters and story was addictive enough that I could overlook the guns and enjoy it. Such a colourful flim, and a story of success in an unlikely place, it's great. The cool direction certainly helps too. *****

School Ties stars Brandon Fraiser and young a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It's a kind of highschool/sport film, except with the issue of religion thrown in. And it doesn't really work. There are just too many different films trying to be made here. And it ends in quite a flat way. It's cool to watch actors we've seen so many times since in their early days, but that's about the only good point. Don't rush to see this. **

Anyway, that's my entertainment round up of the week. Please let me know what you think of my reviews, even if you think I'm totally wrong. I love talking about this stuff with you guys.

Oh, also, I'm off to New York with my Mum in January. I can't wait! Never been there before and it's going to be awesome. If any of you guys out there have been, and can offer tips of things to do and places to stay, that would be great.