Cycle free

Thanks to the wonder that is Freecycle I recently became the somewhat bemused owner of the feeblest excuse for an exercise bike I believe has ever existed.

It looks like two metal hangers have been welded together and then a saddle and feeble mile counter has been added.
I'm not knocking it though. Far from it. It was free after all.

Now when it's too dark for me to run and the gym isn't open yet, I can get on the bike instead. Or I can read or watch TV and DVDs of my choosing while working out. Brilliant!

The first time I used it my fiancé and I got quite concerned because we could smell burning. After checking the oven out and not finding any burning food, we started searching for other possible culprits. After a few minutes we realised it was the bike! I really wasn't even working out that hard but it was absolutely boiling. Opps.

This isn't the only great thing I've got through Freecycle though. I've also acquired stacks of wedding magazines, and given away loads of stuff as well. I can't recommend it enough.

Image by Sean Et Cetera

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