I've done it!

Today I ran my first race, the Wells 5k. I've been running for 10 weeks and have been training using Zest's Running Made Easy book, which I thoroughly recommend (as mentioned in a previous entry). I've been training with regular walking intervals of 60 seconds, but today the only time I walked was halfway up a monstrosity of a hill. I can't believe it!
It's given me such a sense of achievement and I'm determined to be ready to run a 10k in 10 weeks, after all 10 weeks ago I'd have laughed if someone suggested I run even 1 kilometre.

On the subject of
Zest I'm on the latest issue's letters page. I had emailed the editor telling her how fantastic I thought the magazine was and had received no reply, but when I opened it yesterday I saw my name smiling back at me. It was such a nice surprise.
Big Brother
is still very exciting, and looks to be getting all the more so following rumours that BB will be adding male twins into the house. The question remains as to whether they will tell the contestants currently in the house that there are two of the "same" person. I really hope they don't. Now that would be great TV.
Just watching a documentary about the Beckhams' World Cup party and it really is sickening material. The people that were there have sooooooooo much money. It's great that charity benefited so much from the event, if only celebrities were so generous more often.

Photo by Paul Bence


Shabhaz has left the building

Well what a rollercoaster Big Brother 7 is so far. It has to be one of the most entertaining weeks that the reality TV show has ever seen. Shabhaz walked out last night and I have to say I think he was very wise to do so. I am a little concerned about the fact that it was he that decided to leave rather than the Big Brother bosses who decided he should get out. After making his suicide threats surely they should have got him out of there before he made the decision to leave.