Nelly Furtado describes her latest album Loose as something of a career-change. While it’s fair to say that this album is indeed more focused than her previous two, calling it a career-change seems somewhat ambitious, even if Timbaland did produce most of it. It is nonetheless definitely worth getting your hands on, especially if her previous work has done nothing for you.

Until now Nelly Furtado has been responsible for some of the most diverse and quality pop of the second millennium, most of which she has left hidden amongst the non-released tracks of her albums WHOA! NELLY and FOLKLORE. LOOSE continues this trend with its thoughtful production and variety of sounds of which AFRAID and ALL GOOD THINGS (COME TO AN END) are the best examples.

Nelly Furtado herself says that this is the first album on which she has paid homage to hip-hop, her favourite genre of music. Whilst some of the tracks on this album are certainly steamier than her earlier work, MANEATER and PROMISCOUS for example, there is no way that any part of this album could ever be described as hip-hop. And therein lies another one of its plus points.

The other great thing about Furtado’s work, that she has continued to do on this album, is that she always makes musical reference to her multi-cultural Portuguese/Canadian roots. TE BUSQUE and NO HAY IGUAL, although in Portuguese are no less enjoyable for English-speaking fans.

If you regard yourself as a fan of quality pop, with a strong sense of individuality and a good summery vibe, then this is definitely the album for you. But be warned, you will become addicted so don’t blame us when you find yourself rushing out to buy Furtado’s other two albums as well.

Written for Entertainment Wise
Photo by Tamara Weikel

Crazy Frog: More Crazy Hits

It is albums like this that break the hearts of any self-respecting music fan, especially when the debut single of this “artist” was number one in the UK charts for four weeks last year. We hate to break it to you guys, but Crazy Frog is back with his second album, the ingeniously titled More Crazy Hits.

Basically the producers have picked on singers trying to make it into the music industry, recorded them singing karaoke classics and then mixed “the frog” over the top. As a result those singers can just kiss goodbye to ever being taken seriously. Particular low points are Nellie The Elephant and DJ Otzi Hey Baby, which they have managed to make even more annoying than it was originally. What a feat!

There are some moments on this album though that are so bad that they are (almost) good. These include a rendition of Right Said Fred’s I’M TOO SEXY and CRAZY YODELLING, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Trust me, it is musical hell! The most concerning tracks however are those that sound like they’re going to be cool until Crazy Frog kicks in, these include CRAZY FROG IN THE HOUSE and ROCK STEADY. It’s ok if you find yourself nodding along to the start of these tracks, but if it continues it is time to call in the doctor.

The only good things about this CD are that it makes a groovy coaster when turned upside down, and can be used as a mini-frisbee when you are caught short in the park. There are no more positive points to this CD that shouldn’t even be described as an album.
Avoid this at all costs and scowl at anyone you hear playing it. And may be we could all join together for a Crazy Frog amnesty and create a lovely pile of burning CDs.

Written for Entertainment Wise
Photo by Ian Miller