Fancy a kick in the teeth?

Don't you just hate the playground memory of the feeling you got when you found out someone you thought was a friend had said something nasty about you? That heart-wrenching disappointment that your faith in human kindness had been let down. Well that feeling is now available in the form of a quick and easy to use website. Just what you've always wanted, obviously.

MSN check is a site for users of MSN messenger. This is an service which allows you to "chat" to various acquaintances across the net. In order to talk to someone they have to be in your MSN address book. Once added to your list of contacts you can see when a person is online and when they are free for you to type messages to each other.

By going to MSN Check 41 and entering the details of your MSN passport, the site is able to work out the people who have blocked or deleted you from your contacts list. Ex-boy/girlfriends are expected, and the odd person from years back that you really only added to your list inorder to be nice. But in speaking to people have used this wonderful service, it seems that there are often a couple of people down on the list that you didn't expect. When I learned that an ex-housemate of mine had deleted me I was quite offended. Granted, we had grown apart over the last few years but I thought it was just plain mean that she had decided to delete me entirely.

This is really only a website for the thick-skinned, but if you want to know what people really think of you it is definately one for you. But just how they're going to make any money upsetting people I really don't know.

Photo by The Karkis